We are the creators of the top Human-Canine Harmonious Lifestyle Brands.

We are extremely creative, revolutionary & holistic in our approach to the Human-Canine world. Modeling, products & training.

About Us

About us


Hello! Thank you for checking us out! With our passion, vision and love for people and dogs we are at the top of of our game with what we provide at a nationwide level. We are here to innovate and revolutionize. Be it our M.A.C (Models and Canines) Modeling agency, Product line, E-Courses, Rescue programs, Training Centers, Creative and Inspirational content or Public Speaking we are here to serve you the best from the best.

Isaac Mass, Owner, Founder and CEO


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Our Mission statement is very simple: We are here for you AND your dog. Keep your eyes and ears open for our ever growing public presence. We will provide the best for everyone and become a household name nationwide.

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