Becoming a Leader

Being a leader means that one is mindful and cognitive of not just their own strengths, but of their pack as well. We can never raise expectations beyond what they are meant to be at. We can all attest and agree that the teachers and bosses that we liked and respected were the ones that understood where we were holding in life and raised the expectations to where they were meant to be raised. 

The same has to be with our dogs and family. Reactivity in the dog starts off with the reactivity in the human and the family. Learn how to breathe, meditate and be mindful of your strengths despite the trigger you are presented with. This is the same philosophy that should be applied to your dog. We have to reinforce our dogs awareness of their strengths and confidence and this will definitely reduce their reactivity. We will discuss later certain tricks for reinforcing their self awareness of their God given strengths. Yet, it all starts with you.

Isaac Mass


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