"Become One with your dog"

Who is "TheK9Lifestylist"?

The name "TheK9Lifestylist" came to me while I was trying to come up with a catchy and creative name that really branded myself and my company well. As a dog and human lover I combine lifestyle, life coaching, training and creativity in one big bundle. Life is not complete without a dog by your side. We as people need to learn the most major and organic life lessons from the most major and organic living beings in our lives; our dogs.

Become a leader, become confident, become the person you and your dog need  you to be. Instill harmony in your life and feel the mystic energy of your relationship with your dog. That is what goes through my head when I work on my projects. And it is this mindset that accompanies our team while we work on our various projects. We love all dogs and we love all their owners. Love will always win.

Isaac Mass, Owner, CEO and Founder